We have created many car dealership advertising programs.  The work we did for Autohaus Pompano Mercedes Benz included, logo design, TV commercial production, media buying, newspaper advertising and magazine ads. Any time that we work on car dealership advertising we like to create a spreadsheet showing all of the proposed advertising for the week, month and year. It is easy to make changes to the spreadsheet such as running a single full page ad instead of two full page ads and the spreadsheet calculates the total costs and shows how the changes impact the monthly expenditures.

In the TV commercial below we hired a woman with a British accent to do the voice over.  We felt that she sounded smart and sophisticated.  We also created the slogan, “Raise your expectations, not your payments” for this commercial.


When the dealership decided to open a used car center offering all makes and models we created the TV commercial shown below. The challenge we had was that since the used car dealership was new they have very few cars. We shot video in many segments moving the cars inside, then outside and juggled them around to make the lot look full. Please see the commercial below which was shot with fewer than 20 cars on the lot.

Here is one of the many magazine ads we created for this auto dealership. We also created direct mail pieces for the dealership and sent them to the higher priced homes in the area. Each week we created half-page and full page newspaper ads as well.car dealership advertising