Custom Programming

We began as a custom programming web design company in 1995. We’ve continued to grow and offer more advertising services.

Print Design

We can help with a professional new logo design. Then we can design everything you may use that logo with; such as t-shirts, letterhead, trade show displays and brochures.


Since 1995 we’ve been doing great work for municipalities, newspapers, startups, auto dealerships and literally hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Full Service Ad Agency

We offer all types of advertising services including everything from billboard signs to social media marketing and promotional products such as pens with your logo.

Ad Excellence is a South Florida full service ad agency without the ad agency price. We offer a wide variety of graphic design services, including logos, catalogs, brochures, billboard sign design, trade show displays, direct mail pieces, and web design. You can also take advantage of the branding solutions we offer, such as promotional products, corporate apparel, and trade show displays. We also provide media buying services, such as cable and broadcast television and radio commercials; and newspaper and billboard advertisements. Most importantly, we create marketing & advertising solutions to suit your budget.


Best & most popular of our works

Rick Goldman has been building static page websites, ecommerce websites and database driven websites since he started his website development company called in 1995. The “World Wide Web” as it was called back then seemed like the advertising bargain of the century. For a relatively small fee everyone could have a website which was similar to being listed in every phone book in the world. Today it has been estimated that their are more web pages on earth than there are people. Things are more competitive now so having a beautifully designed website is no longer enough. Now a website needs to be built with search engine optimization built into the site from the beginning.

When you are a general contractor or involved in construction you can look like just another guy with a pickup truck and a ladder or look like a true professional. We help our clients to stand out from their competition. Our brochure designers also created their logo, letterhead, business cards, envelopes and content management system website.

Portable Lightweight Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Our pop up trade show displays are in small table tops sizes as well as 6 foot, 8 foot and 10 foot trade show displays. If you are looking for South Florida trade show displays we will bring samples to your office today!

Social Media Marketing

With everyone Tweeting and Yelping, today’s business owner has so many more advertising options than before, but with all the social media options available, trying to keep up with everything can become overwhelming. If you don’t know hashtags from hash browns or mashups from mashed potatoes you’ve come to the right place. You might be wondering if you really need to Tweet and who would follow your tweets anyway. You may question what Foursquare could possibly do for your business. You may have asked yourself if customized Facebook for business, Google+, Blogs, YouTube, Yelp and City Search and other social sites are important to your business.


TV Advertising

Please click to see many examples of TV commercial production.

When considering the cost to advertise on TV it is important to consider the cost to produce the TV commercial and the cost to run the commercial on TV. We have seen companies that offer business owners very nice generic TV commercials for all types of businesses. They simply drop your name and phone number in at the end and “sell” you the spot cheap. They also “sell” it to anyone else who will buy the spot. You never actually own the spot and you never take possession of the Beta tape with the spot.

New Marketing Concept

Our client Dr. Natalia Benda is a Fort Lauderdale dentist and has her dental practice in a shopping plaza near the movie theater. We thought that anyone who would travel to this theater would be willing to travel the same distance to visit this dentist. We thought about how much fun it is to go to the dentist and mulled over ad concepts but nothing sounded exciting or fun. In the end we just decided to just have fun with this and make her commercial look like an ad for an upcoming movie about a super hero who is here to save your teeth. We ended the spot with a more serious photo of our dentist so that people would realize that although we were having fun she really is a dentist right next to the theater.

One year after the movie theater advertising began hear what Dr. Benda thinks of it now.

We handle the entire process of getting your business promoted in movie theaters. We make the movie theater commercial and we place the movie theater advertising in any cinema in the United States.

Please click for a free price quote on all your movie theater advertising needs.

Portable Lightweight Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Our pop up trade show displays are in small table tops sizes as well as 6 foot, 8 foot and 10 foot trade show displays. If you are looking for South Florida trade show displays we will bring samples to your office today!


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Hundreds of happy clients since 1995

  • Some other company made my first website and you couldn’t find me in a search even if you searched by my name. I had Advertising Excellence, Inc. make my new website and now people who don’t even know me find me just by searching for “Fort Lauderdale dentist”.

    Dr. Natalia Benda
Bay Harbor Islands
Internal Revenue Service
Jewish Federation
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