rick_golmanFirst let’s start with; why should you look for an ad agency at all? Do you need a new brochure, website, TV commercial, trade show display? For a new brochure you could find a local graphic artist. For a TV commercial you could find a video production company. For a website there are website designers on every corner. If you need a trade show display, the internet is full of options.

The problem with each of these options is that you can hire an individual to perform these tasks for you and it is entirely up to you to decide what to say in your TV commercial, brochure or website. What you want your trade show display or brochure to look like will be for you to tell the graphic artist.

When you decide to hire a full service advertising agency you get a team of people who have experience in all of these areas and we won’t ask you “What do you want in your brochure” because that is our job to figure out. Additionally we will consider all of the marketing materials you currently have and make sure that everything we do for your business will have the same look and feel. We want to keep all of your branding consistent so that you always have a cohesive marketing package. When you deal with separate companies for each of these advertising services then it is easy to lose some of your brand consistency along the way. With a full service advertising agency that problem will never be a concern.

What if all that you need for your business at this time is a new website; do you really need a full service advertising agency for that? Here is something to consider about that point. Unlike lawyers, real estate agents, stock brokers and even hair salons, website designers have no governmental agency that licenses them. There is no minimum standard of skills required, no training classes required and no state exam to prove competency in website design. What this means is that absolutely anyone can call themselves a website designer; and that is exactly the problem.

When you deal with our full service advertising agency you can see dozens of examples of our work in all areas of advertising. You can see how we make trade show displays match the look of websites which also match the look of direct mail pieces. Additionally when you hire us when all you really need may be a website designer you get a team working on this project for you. We have found that one person alone can only be just so good at either programming or design and that one person is usually not very good at both. When you hire one person to be your web designer you can expect to be asked, “What do you want on your website” instead of receiving suggestions from an experienced team.

We will have a designer make your website look great. Our programmer will make all the functions of the website work. Our writer has a Master’s Degree in Journalism and she will provide all the text that goes on your website. Lastly we have a search engine optimization expert who will add all the hidden features that the search engines are looking for in a website. This is the kind of service you would never get from just a website designer alone.

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