Illustration - Design Examples

illustrationOne of our team members created this image to be used with an adhesive back application used on automobiles. When the decal is applied to the side of a vehicle it appears as though a creature is ripping open the side of the car to escape. The design was made for Speed Graphics Inc., a company that sells their designs to automotive parts retail stores. This design has become the company’s biggest selling decal. Although originally designed for automotive decoration, it has been used in various other ways. This graphic and others we created have appeared in the major motion picture, ” 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS”.

We are also very skilled in 3-D modeling and custom graphic design for any purpose. We create 3-D models and use them in videos that we create. We have several examples of videos we have created that look very lifelike yet it was all done with 3-D modeling. Whatever type of illustration you may need, we can help!


Another member of our design team does live painting exhibitions for air shows and other events. He also does great designs for product packaging, catalog design, logo design, and animation.

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