WordPress Ecommerce


WordPress is one of the most widely used web development platforms in the world today. Many people don’t realize that this platform is for a lot more than just writing blogs about your family vacations. Since WordPress is used by literally millions of developers worldwide there are also plenty of programmers making new applications to use with the platform. We frequently get security updates and they are free. We have many options to select from not only in the theme or look and feel of the site but also in the shopping cart itself. In the past custom programming would have been required to add all the options you might want in an ecommerce site and today we simply add a plugin. These plugins for ecommerce are often free or very inexpensive and there are plenty to choose from.

Implementation of the plugins and setup is what is being paid for in this type of setup and the savings are substantial when compared with custom programmers.

Our company first began as a custom web development company back in 1995 so whenever customization is needed it is never a problem for us.

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