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Our client Dr. Natalia Benda is a Fort Lauderdale dentist and has her dental practice in a shopping plaza near the movie theater. We thought that anyone who would travel to this theater would be willing to travel the same distance to visit this dentist. We thought about how much fun it is to go to the dentist and mulled over ad concepts but nothing sounded exciting or fun. In the end we just decided to just have fun with this and make her commercial look like an ad for an upcoming movie about a super hero who is here to save your teeth. We ended the spot with a more serious photo of our dentist so that people would realize that although we were having fun she really is a dentist right next to the theater.

One year after the movie theater advertising began hear what Dr. Benda thinks of it now.

We handle the entire process of getting your business promoted in movie theaters. We make the movie theater commercial and we place the movie theater advertising in any cinema in the United States.

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