TV Commercial Production Examples

Here is something we did just for fun and as an example of Viral Marketing. It gave us a chance to show off our creative skills. We didn’t want to hire the actors we would typically use in a 30-second commercial because we thought anyone could do that. So to make our video more interesting and fun we took three of our ad agency’s clients and asked them to be in our video. We have the part of the news announcer played by a Photographer and owner of a talent agency, John Gertz. We made two new websites for John one for the talent agency and one about photography.

The part of the woman in the car was played by a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney Jamie Allen. The part of the graphic artist was played by Fort Lauderdale dentist Dr. Natalia Benda DDS. We did search engine optimization on Natalia’s website and you can click to see a funny video we made to run in the theater by her office Movie Theater Advertising.

The part of the president of the ad agency was actually played by the president of Advertising Excellence, Inc. Rick Goldman. The video was scripted and directed by Rick Goldman.

The video went viral and has been viewed thousands of times and it has brought our ad agency new clients that found us on YouTube.

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